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Japan Day 7

Japan day 7

After having some cereal for breakfast, my host father dropped me off at the hotel where our group met up once again. At this point, I had the unfortunate responsibility of advising a child that her grandmother had passed away. Luckily the student had said her goodbyes before he left for Japan, while she was a bit sad, it wasn’t so bad. After about a 2 and a half hour drive and most of Captain America (movie) we made our way to Kochi. We were greeted by a welcome party of Kochi Rotarians and our host families. After lunch we made our way to the grocerty store to buy some foods that I enjoy. This was a short trip since I am intent on eating what the family eats, at any cost :).

When we arrived at my families home, I was pleasantly surprised that I would be staying in my own apartment above my host family’s. Don’t get me wrong, I like spending time with my host, though, I also enjoy having my own space. This was perfect. The host family spoke pretty good English as well.

After resting for a few hours, my host father, his daughter and grand daughter took me out to dinner to an italian restaurant. We ate so much “pizza” and pasta that we thought we might explode. We returned home and his daughter and grand daughter came up to my apartment and we talked for a while. It was really good to be able to talk to people who speak fluent English.

Japan Day 6

Japan day 6

When I woke up in the morning, my stomach still wasn’t feeling great so I rested around the house for most of the morning. At around 1pm, my host father and I went to an art museum. The museum was neat because it was all recreated famous paintings. I was able to see many familiar pieces of art.

After walking through the entire museum for a few hours, we went to dinner at a small coffee shop and at sandwiches. My first meal of the day certainly felt good. Whe we were done, we set on our way to a Tokushima Voltis soccor game. The game was pretty exciting and ended in a tie. While at this game I met the Govenor of Tokushima, the owner of the soccor game, and the owner of Pocari Sweat (well known beverage company). It was pretty awesome.

This was my last day at this home stay so after the game we went home so I could pack all of my belongings.

Japan Day 5

Japan day 5

Today was one of 2 days to spend with our host family. I slept a bit later than usual and woke up at 8am. My host family made me a triditional Japanese breakfast including salading, miso soup, and a rolled egg. After breakfast, myself and the Mrs. went to an indigo shop and made some beautiful scarves by dying them in a tub of Indigo.

Once our scarves were dry, we went to lunch at a Tokushima Ramen shop. This type of ramen is deliciouse, though a bit to greasy for my belly to handle. After lunch we went to an Awa dance show and learned how to do the dance where I ran into 2 students. I ended up winning first place in Awa dance.

We went back to the house to take a nap. When I woke up, the ramen came back to haunt me and my stomach wasn’t feeling so hot. I skipped dinner and went back to rest.