If you live in or visited Northern NJ, chances are you have heard of Pub 199 and maybe even eaten there.  Well for those of you who have, you know that they were known for their economically priced seafood and had the best crab legs and six pound lobsters around.  It was just a great place for friends and family alike to eat dinner together in a nice relaxed atmosphere with great food and great drinks.


On Friday morning, around 3am, there were reports of smoke coming from the restaurant that eventually turned into a fully fledged fire which led to the demise of the restaurant.  Many patrons woke that morning to the news that one of the best restaurants around had been burned to the ground.  It was a sad day for all of those who loved Pub 199 and also for those who have yet to eaten there.


Many would say that the best thing about this restaurant wasn’t even the food; it is walking into the dining room and being surrounded by animals hanging on the wall which were mostly hunting trophies of the owner of Pub 199. No matter how old or young, the first time you step into that dining room you are amazed at the variety of animals, even elephants and giraffes that are hanging on the walls.  It’s almost like they were protecting the restaurant and its patrons.


As we talk with each other and express our sadness about the loss of this great place, the question may come to mind; will the restaurant ever be the same without those animals?  Can you even buy insurance on such things?  Well, after some research, I have found a few companies who offer insurance on such a thing.  Not only will they cover the trophy itself, but the hunting trip for you to go back out and try to regain these trophies once more.  Consider what it would actually take to get some of these animals back?  Some of them were hunted in Africa on safari which can cost tens of thousands of dollars. The insurance companies that specialize in this coverage will actually pay for you to go back to Africa and take another chance at hunting those animals.  Here is just one company that offers this coverage:  http://www.huntandtravel.com/trophyins.htm.


I think we can all agree that we hope Pub 199 is rebuilt and that we will be able to make more memories for years to come and that many more generations will be able to enjoy its atmosphere.