With all the commercials and ads these days, it is sometimes hard to get to the bottom of who to buy insurance from, a lizard, or your local agent.  Many people these days don’t even fathom buying from an agent because they think it involves walking into an office and handing over all of their personal information to some stranger.  On the other hand they could just type all of their info into some possibly unsecure website right from their living room.   For most situations, I would always pick the later of the two choices I have just presented above, however, insurance may be one of the few exceptions I would make. I mean really, what gives you the same knowledge to purchase the right insurance as an educated insurance agent who had dedicated thousands of man hours just to make sure you are covered?

If you are one of these silly people who has decided to buy their own insurance without so much as a bit of advice from a licensed professional insurance agent, you could be paying big time not only when you have a claim, but right now!  Think of all the discounts you could be missing out on.  Not to mention the millions of dollars you could be liable for if you ever do have a claim and you aren’t covered properly.

In the end, to each is own and many people are lazy and will continue to buy insurance from a reptile, or a crazy red haired store clerk with a white apron.  My only advice to these people are, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.