Japan day 6

When I woke up in the morning, my stomach still wasn’t feeling great so I rested around the house for most of the morning. At around 1pm, my host father and I went to an art museum. The museum was neat because it was all recreated famous paintings. I was able to see many familiar pieces of art.

After walking through the entire museum for a few hours, we went to dinner at a small coffee shop and at sandwiches. My first meal of the day certainly felt good. Whe we were done, we set on our way to a Tokushima Voltis soccor game. The game was pretty exciting and ended in a tie. While at this game I met the Govenor of Tokushima, the owner of the soccor game, and the owner of Pocari Sweat (well known beverage company). It was pretty awesome.

This was my last day at this home stay so after the game we went home so I could pack all of my belongings.