So, what is a blog anyway?

So, what is a blog anyway?  Many of you may be asking yourself this question often, and I am here to answer it for you.  Well the object of this blog, as you may have noticed, is to get the good word of insurance out to the world.  We try to put it in Layman’s terms for even the most inexperienced person to be able to understand insurance.  That said, your blog does not have to be used for these reasons. 

A blog is anything you want it to be.  It can be a personal journal or diary. It can be a source for you to get information out to the world.  It can be a compilation of information for your own personal use.  Basically, its whatever you make of it.  Maybe you are having a baby and you want to track your progress, or maybe you have a really strong opinion on an issue and want to share it with the world

Since this is an insurance blog, I must give you some words of advice.  Be careful about what you put out on the internet.  If your words are hurtful to someone else’s reputation, the do have the right to sue you for slander or defamation.  These charges are not to be taken lightly.  IN the even that this does happen, in most cases your home insurance liability will kick in.  Be aware that you may only have $300,000-$500,000 worth of coverage on your home policy and depending on the lawsuit, this will probably not be enough.  There is however, another policy you can buy for a reasonable amount of money called an umbrella policy.  This will cover you for an additional $1mil-$5mil for liability coverage as long as the policy contains “personal injury” coverage which is the portion that covers slander etc. 

As always, I recommend calling your insurance agent to get more details on this coverage.

Good night Irene…

Irene is being retired from the list of storm names because the 2011 hurricane killed 49 people and caused more than $15 billion in damage.

A report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said the name will be replaced by Irma. Irene was retired Friday from the official list of Atlantic Basin tropical storm names by the World Meteorological Organization’s hurricane committee.

The report said storm names are reused every six years unless retired for causing considerable casualties or damage. Irene is the 76th name to be retired from the Atlantic list since 1954.

Five people were killed in the Dominican Republic after Hurricane Irene stormed through the Caribbean last August. Three died in Haiti. And 41 died in the U.S. when Irene barreled up the Eastern Seaboard.