Day 2 in Japan June 27

This morning I was up before the son at a very early 4:30. It was really nice to see the sun come up over Osaka. After going for a short walk with Stacey, another leader, I was able to come back and access the internet for a very short 10 minutes to let my family know I was safe, cost 100yen for 10 minutes which is roughly $.70 American. We all sat down to a very traditional breakfast with different foods such as miso soup seaweed and a sticky soybean mixture called Nautto. The students and leaders kept a very open mind and tried pretty much everything.

Right now I am writing to you from a tour bus on our way to Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan. Our tour guides name is Yumi, she is very knowledgeable about Japan so we will be learning a lot today on our journey.

Well, that is all for now! Stay tuned to find out what type of adventures we had today!!

Once we made it to Kyoto, we visited 3 different Buddist temples and at lunch at a tofu restaurant, which was actually a lot better then it sounds. We got back to the hotel around 4 and the students got a chance to explore Kyoto for a bit on their own. Dinner was a delicious Japanese meal with some recognizable food thrown in and everyone agreed it was delicious.

After dinner, the group went out on a Gesha Hunt. I know this sounds completely insane and in the US would not actually be an acceptable act to go out in search of an “escort”, though, in Japan it is widely accepted. Our host explained that a Gesha is someone who is paid to keep a gentleman company. For example, they would acompany the gentleman to dinner and serve his dinner, pour his wine and dance for him. Basically in our culutre it is a more traditional escort. I digress. After dinner, we all got in cabs and make our way to what I can only call Kyoto’s red light district, though not as seedy and crime ridden as it sounds. Unfortuneatly, after walking for a while, we did not find any Geshas. We all walked over to the shopping district but were too tired to do anything so we went back to the hotel.

I am off to bed now as I think the jet lag is setting in and I have only had about 4 hours of sleep in the last 24 hours.

Tommorow we are off to Nara and our first host family!!